To: Calderdale Council CMBC

Save Our College in Todmorden

We call on Calderdale Council not to sell the College to Aldi nor demolish it but to enable it to be transferred to a community group to run it on behalf of the people of Todmorden.

Why is this important?

We don't need another large supermarket in our town
We need to support our local market and independent shops
We have the spirit, skills and ingenuity to run the college as our own training centre and community hub


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Reasons for signing

  • Allow Todmorden to continue doing their good work.
  • I think that the town has a reputation for innovation because of Incredible Edible. They bring visitors into the town which is good for the local economy. I would rather a community college set up by them and other local businesses that a bigger Aldi. We already have two supermarkets in the town.
  • We need to preserve local education options, be they mainstream or alternate type establishments. Put People before Profits.


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