To: Suffolk County Council

Save Our Free Shuttle Bus

Save Our Free Shuttle Bus

Keep the free shuttle bus in Ipswich town centre.

Why is this important?

The free shuttle serves everyone in society including the vulnerable, elderly and disabled. It benefits local businesses and has helped reduce congestion and traffic into our town centre. The shuttle is now the only remaining free shuttle running in the UK and is also an important part of our way of life in Ipswich. It is time to stand up to the Council and be heard, remember your signatures count!



Reasons for signing

  • a useful service for the public
  • because I think it would be better to increase the free shuttle not get rid of it .. we have to start reducing traffic and pollution caused by so many vehicles especially when there are too many struggling to cope financially
  • I've used the bus in the past - it's a vital link especially for getting to Suffolk County Council offices and Ipswich Borough Council hq


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