To: St Helens Council

Save our lollipop service in Haydock, St Helens (Grange Valley/ Clipsley Lane)

Save our lollipop service in Haydock, St Helens (Grange Valley/ Clipsley Lane)

To continue funding to school crossing patrol service in Haydock, St Helens.

Why is this important?

Each year, 5,000 children under 16 are seriously injured or die on Britain’s roads.

The incident rate for children peaks between 8am and 9am, when they are travelling to school, and again at 3pm when they are on their way home.

Without the lollipop/ school crossing patrol service, the community will be put at risk as they try to cross such a busy road at peak times to and from school.



Reasons for signing

  • cuz the man in my life dieed at the riad lol
  • I signed because our children's safety is of utmost importance. The roads are becoming busier by the day and we need to keep our children safe. Children should be able to cross the road safely and the lollipop service is invaluable in ensuring our children cross the busy roads as safely as possible. Take away the lollipop service and we put our children in danger.
  • I signed this because cars do not always slow down near schools even at zebra crossings .


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Over 400 signatures thanks everyone keep it going!!

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Paper petition also available in Grange Valley Primary School office, Haydock.

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