To: Norwich City Council Planning Committee

Save our Norwich Skyline!

Save our Norwich Skyline!

Reject Weston Homes & Columbia Threadneedle’s planning application to build a 25 storey tower block in at Anglia Square which, together with over-scaled podium buildings, will damage Norwich’s unspoilt medieval skyline and the setting of the Norman Cathedral and Castle.

Why is this important?

The heritage of the city is one of its greatest assets and the unspoilt medieval street scape is a joy to all who live work and visit Norwich. The scheme will not solve local housing affordability issues, and there are thousands of unbuilt planning permissions in sites around the fringe of the city. Instead, the scheme will dwarf our historic city centre, displace many entrepreneurial and creative businesses and not deliver the sensitive regeneration we want and need. Support us in turning away London-style over-densification of our city.

Reasons for signing

  • Agree with statement
  • Doesn’t look nice
  • Norwich is a beautiful, old city. It doesn't deserve to be ruined by huge concrete, soulless buildings that will end up being empty in a few years anyway. there are plenty of empty, abandoned office building that could easy house the same amount of people. As mentioned before by others, retail is changing, we don't need more retail places.


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