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To: Scottish Government

Save Our Salmon

To take action against Fish Farms in Scottish Waters regarding out of control Sea Lice numbers which are way beyond the upper threshold limits and are having a detrimental effect on wild salmon and sea trout populations.

Why is this important?

Sea Lice numbers in the west coast of Scotland have exploded in recent years as a result of the increasing number of fish farms and their inability to effectively control sea lice numbers. This is not just a seasonal spike, the sea lice numbers have consistently been above the threshold set by the Scottish Government at many locations over the last 8 months, it is now time for the Government to enforce necessary 'cull orders' under section 6 of the Aquaculture Act 2007

Quotes from the Salmon and Trout Association Scotland:

"Wild salmon and sea-trout are a key part of Scotland's world-renowned natural heritage, but the latest figures for wild salmon numbers are very poor indeed. We know that wild fish need a huge conservation effort.

What we simply cannot afford now is fish-farms like those in Loch Fyne or Loch Torridon pouring millions of mobile young lice into the paths of migrating juvenile salmon and sea-trout.

The question for Scottish Government is 'how much more evidence of failure to control lice do you need before you start to use your powers to protect wild fish?'"

"Conservation bodies keep being told that salmon-farming is a highly-regulated industry, but regulations only work if they are enforced.

Those parts of this industry that fail to control lice must now face robust enforcement action.

The statutory powers to control on-farm sea lice numbers to protect juvenile wild fish from lethal infestations exist – they must now be used. Its time for the Minister to tell the inspectors to get tough."

The levels are now upto 23 times ABOVE the threshold limit at some locations - action is needed now.

Recent evidence shows that one juvenile sea trout was covered in over 500 lice which is unprecedented and almost certainly fatal.

further information on sea lice infestations can be found at:



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