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To: Westway Trust

Save Portobello Market

Save Portobello Market

The Westway Trust need to work closely with Kensington Council and the operators of Portobello Market to preserve the unique heritage of Portobello Market. The current redevelopment plans do not provide for this.

Why is this important?

The Westway Trust are about to resubmit their plans for the redevelopment of Portobello Green to RBKC. These plans have not changed since the consultation last November . I don't believe our views have been heard.

Firstly, Westway claim to support local businesses - however the council have leased the huge space under the Westway opposite Sainsbury's on Ladbroke Grove to Pret a Manger. This will affect all the small food businesses in the area. Westway haven't objected to this and this shows they clearly aren't working with the council on getting the right local retail mix.
Secondly Westway are not working with the market operator to control the quality of the stalls in the market. There is far too much tourist tat for sale. There is no point redeveloping the area unless there is a clear vision to protect and enhance what visitors are coming for in the first place. Westway do not understand this.

The plans are on show at You can make any comments/objections etc to the plans at

I would like the Westway Trust to appoint a competent person to have responsibility for ensuring the Westway Trust, RBKC and the Portobello Market lessees all work together to ensure that all market stalls under the ultimate control of the Westway Trust maintain the reputation of Portobello Market.. This person needs to ‘curate' the market and bring in new interesting vendors to help regenerate interest in the market. This person also needs to ensure that future conflicts of interest, such as the signing of the lease to Pret a Manger, do not happen again. Once I have a decent number of signatures on this petition I will approach the Westway Trust to discuss this proposal.

Please let's all try and force the Westway Trust to be better at their job before it's too late. Thank you.

Portobello Road Market, Portobello Road, London

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Reasons for signing

  • We would like to know what the relationship is between the new retail unit and the Notting Hill Prep Sch. who are taking over premises just behind the retail unit. Is it one lease or separate leases? Also, how will the revenue obtained from the lease/s benefit this community? This looks like another transfer of public assets into the private sector. The Westway Trust should be working with the community to clarify and examine these questions.
  • History , community and livelihoods , all should be preserved
  • I lived and worked in the area for 20 years & loved the vibrant mix of independent traders. Maintain the markets style & integrity please Xx


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