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To: Brent Council

Save Robbie Clark, 96 Yr Old War Hero from Eviction

Provide Home Help for this 96 year old Veteran so that he can live out his remaining years in the comfort of his own home, with the support of his Family.

Why is this important?

One of Britain’s oldest surviving prisoners of war faces being forced into a care home against his will after Brent council refused to pay for his home help.

Robbie Clark, a 96 year old War Hero and ex POW, has spent almost all of his life savings to pay for 24-hour care at his home in Burnt Oak, North London. Now the veteran, who was one of the British soldiers who survived Hitler’s 1,000-mile death march across Europe in 1945, only has enough money to last another three months. Mr Clark’s son Mike, 58, has been in a two-year battle with Brent Council over funding his father’s care since the pensioner lost the use of his legs after a heart operation in 2012.

Brent Council solicitor Fiona Bateman said in one letter: “The local authority believe it is entirely correct that residential care remains the preferred option to ensure that Mr Clark has access to 24 hour care and support that he requires.
His family said he may have to sell his home and they fear being in a care home would kill him. Mr Clark, a father of two with four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, said: I have been in my own place all my life. I have got everything here. My family are near and my friends are near. I am nice and comfortable here and I’d not get that in a care home. It would remind me of being a prisoner of war.

Brent Cross, London

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