To: Owen Smith MP & Vaughan Gething AM - Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services

Save Royal Glamorgan Hospital delivery ward

Save Royal Glamorgan Hospital delivery ward

Stop the closure of the antenatal and delivery wards at Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Why is this important?

It is both necessary and vital to the well being and safe delivery of babies. It is extremely busy and well used facility with lovely caring staff. Women will now be forced to travel twice the distance to give birth. The only Hospital in Cardiff cant cope with demand and since closing a delivery ward in Royal Glamorgan women are being turned away due to no space.
The skeleton staff left are overworked and having to cope without necessary resources. If this unit closes it puts the welfare of women and babies at risk, causes more stress, makes families travel further and puts remaining hospitals under more pressure.

Royal Glamorgan Hospital

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Reasons for signing

  • My son was born prematurely in a short space of time without the consultants and scbu he would no be here today! To close these wards women would have to travel further increasing the risk of losing their life or their unborn if a complication was to happen.
  • I had my Gorgeous son here who was born in his water sack. All hands were on deck to sort him and me out. And the fact it took me 7 minutes to get there just takes all the stress away!
  • No I did not want to save this hospital this is the most dirtiest hospital ever and as for maternity an labour ward it's a danger to patents an child absolutely disgusting this hospital needs to be bull dosed down had my baby here princecassius and had worse time of my life had all my other 5 kids in Bridgend an was amazing royal glam is an utter dump filth, staff disgraceful, no hygiene what so ever shut this down before it becomes contaminated it's rotten


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