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Save shared cabin option for single people on sleeper

Save shared cabin option for single people on sleeper

From February 26, in contradiction to the franchise agreement above Caledonian Sleeper is imposing a new fare structure which severely penalises the single traveller. Currently a single traveller can share a two berth cabin and pay the same as one of a couple who had booked together.
From Monday 26th February, the only option for a single traveller is to buy a Classic Solo ticket which replaces the First Class travel option and gives you a single occupancy cabin. For travel after 25th February a sleeper ticket for the single traveller will be £140 for most journeys rather than the £85 that would have been charged in the past, as two people will continue to pay between them £170 for a two-berth cabin.

Why is this important?

The rise in price of 65% is far above the inflation increases that have been applied to controlled fares across the rail network There is no indication that the new sleeper trains will arrive on February 26 so the same coaches will be in use but priced differently. Even if new carriages had been promised for this date we know of no precedent for raising fares when replacing old rolling stock.
We are asking Caledonian Sleeper to continue to use their twin-berth cabins for passengers who are happy to share and who prefer a more economical fare than “First Class” or “Classic Solo”. This would be more economical and encourage more people to take the Greener option and travel on the sleeper rather than flying.


Reasons for signing

  • Most people who regularly travel on the sleeper are solo travellers, to be pumping them for more money yet again is making this a non viable option for my travel to/from London. Flights now come in way cheaper.
  • It will mean that visiting my daughter by train will be very prohibitive.
  • It's important to have an affordable travel to London from the North and a good alternative to flying


2018-01-28 16:04:15 +0000

Victory! (at least for the moment), though if you wanted to book for late February you may need to give them a ring. Full details at We discovered that they had also withdrawn railcards from most options from the same date. Hopefully that is going to be reinstated too till October. However, we definitely need to keep an eye on their plans for the new trains.

2018-01-23 06:49:07 +0000

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2018-01-22 10:01:10 +0000

Good article in Scotland on Sunday here Please join in the debate on line.

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