To: DEFRA and Avon & Somerset Police Commissioner

Save Sky - Release Sky and Let Her Live

Save Sky - Release Sky and Let Her Live

We, the undersigned, request Sky is released and her life be spared in accordance with the Crown Court order of August 2016.

Let Sky live and repeal failed breed specific legislation.

Why is this important?

The life of a much loved, innocent dog named Sky is hanging in the balance, due to breed specific legislation (BSL).

Sky is a loving friendly, healthy, innocent four year old dog who has never put a paw wrong, she has a responsible and caring family and fantastic new home waiting for her but she is held locked away on canine death row.

Bristol Crown Court ordered Sky be exempted to her new keeper in August last year but Avon and Somerset Police disputed the order and DEFRA refused to register the dog to the new keeper.  Avon & Somerset Police also recently tried to prevent the current stay of execution from being extended which would have put Sky at immediate risk of destruction.

Sky and her mum are now locked into a long and exhaustive legal battle to try to save her.

This is BSL in action, in the UK: A total shambles aimed at responsible dog owners and their innocent canine companions, a complete waste of public funds and resources, there is no compassion, no fairness, no justice. Let Sky live and repeal failed Breed Specific Legislation.

#LetSkyLive #StandBySky #WeAreWithYou #EndBSL


Reasons for signing

  • You don't exterminate healthy friendly and loving dogs.
  • Because its humans that are dangerous to every living thing including our planet.Not a dog because of its breed.
  • This dog deserves a life


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2017-04-20 02:23:04 +0100

Today marks a year since Sky was seized under BSL - a year sat in a kennel even though she has a loving home to go to and the court has ordered her exempted! Please keep sharing and cross-posting Sky's petition - thank you for your support everyone XX

2017-04-04 22:26:17 +0100

For those of you following Sky's case, after a lengthy hearing today, the judge at Bristol Crown Court has agreed to state a case. This means that a higher court will now consider Sky's case. Great teamwork from Pam Rose, Wheldon Law, DDA Watch and Team Sky.

2017-04-04 02:50:28 +0100

There is a court hearing taking place on the 4th April regarding the CDO extension (Sky was recently granted a last minute stay of execution to the 5th April).

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