To: Stop Developers from knocking down a historic building and a Canterbury landmark!

Save St Mary Bredin School House from developer destruction.

Gain listed status for this historic landmark and building. Petition the local council to stop this development from happening.

Why is this important?

We must try and preserve Canterbury's historic buildings and not destroy them! This modern structure will look put of place and blight the local landscape. Too much new student accomodation in the City!

Rhodaus Town, Canterbury


Reasons for signing

  • Think the University is getting too big for the city. It would appear that student accommodation is taking precedent over much needed starter homes for the young people of Canterbury who were priced out of the market years ago.
  • Cause the SWDTeam said too and they're awesome.
  • I strongly oppose any destruction of historic buildings and any more high-rise buildings going up in places where there is no decent infrastructure or space for leisure.


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