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To: Gary Streeter MP for South West Devon

Save Stamford Close Wildlife

Save Stamford Close Wildlife

Please stop Stamford Court Management from cutting down the long grass and plants in June (the life force and habitat for mammals, reptiles, birds and insects) and from landscaping this precious wild area.

I live in Stamford Close, Hooe, Plymouth, on a private estate. Most of the estate is lawned and has shrubs and trees etc. A small part of the estate has been a wildlife sanctuary for over 30 years. There is some cutting down of long grass and plants and trimming of hedges in the autumn. This year under the new chairman of the Stamford Court Management, they are wanting to cut down all the long grass and plants now, in June.

Then they are wanting to landscape all this wild area. This is madness as all the wildlife, we have slow worms, common lizards, crickets, skylarks, pheasants and a whole host of other insects, butterflies and moths rely on this wild area to breed, and now is the breeding season. We have bats and various wild birds there. It is a delicate ecosystem which needs to be conserved.

Why is this important?

The desecration has already started, trimmers have been out, we have had a temporary reprieve after i had a go at the gardeners and they left. Then Plymouth police wildlife crime adviser got an undertaking from one of the committee to not do anything for two weeks! We have to stop it and stop it now!

How it will be delivered

By hand

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Reasons for signing

  • This campaign is amazing!
  • You are not alone in trying to save your wildlife. Our Save the Downham Market and Wimbotsham Green Belt camapaign supports your cause!
  • Any natural area like this is precious in our increasingly overpopulated island.


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