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To: Edinburgh Council Licensing Board

Save Studio 24

Save Studio 24

Keep this essential venue open for all Edinburgh residents and those from far and wide as it is completely necessary

Why is this important?

As a resident of Edinburgh and long term clubber Studio 24 has, is and ALWAYS WILL BE a safe haven for unique, gifted and individually minded youngsters to share a safe common space to express themselves fully and safely, as well as perpetually.

Hundreds of thousands of patrons have spent a multitude of nights enjoying the culture created within the club, one that has kept alive a special flame ignited in the golden eras of freedom and love throughout time.

Those moving into the area obviously have a proper chip on their shoulder about what this venue stands for, and as such should PROPERLY have considered what environment they were choosing to live near and act accordingly rather than bullying the staff and patrons into the situation currently in process.

This appeal is for anyone and everyone who has ever made lifelong connections, memories and values on the beautiful club dancefloor of Studios and the world, and an impassioned plea to keep said environment open to allow real love and passion to continue to flourish exponentially and forever.


Reasons for signing

  • New residents of an area should have no right to complain about known issues of a going concern which was well established before their arrival. Legislation must be put in place (all over the country) to protect Clubs/bars/businesses of any type from new complaints from new to the area people. Quite frankly, the business was there first and you chose to move to that area.
  • The only place i can get spangled off my tittie witties
  • if studio 24 closes down. someone else will take it over for music. Why because students for neighbors = £££££ so closing it down won't solve the problem. the club has been 22 years the devolapers knew that. so instead of blaming the nightclub blame the builders and housing company.


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