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To: Suffolk County Council

Save Suffolk Specialist Support Centres (SSC)

We won! - 27/03/15

This news was confirmed by Paul Senior, the Consultant who is heading the SEN changes together with Adrian Orr (Interim Director, Education and Learning). The notification says:

"Dear Parent/Carer

Following consultation relating to the future of SSCs being halted, I am now able to confirm that there will not be any changes to current provision before the end of the 2015/16 school year.'

Save Suffolk Specialist Support Centres (SSC)

Please stop the closure of all 7 Special Support Centres in Suffolk.

Why is this important?

Special Support Centres (SSCs) provide a unique and dedicated educational environment for children with moderate to complex learning difficulties who are deemed unsuitable for mainstream education.


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Reasons for signing

  • Integrating children with special needs into mainstream schools is not always beneficial, so these centres are vital. When children with complex learning difficulties are admitted to mainstream everybody suffers. This is just a cheap option to save money of course.
  • I believe in this service
  • The SSC provide valuable learning and support to young vulnerable children and their carers. What will happen to these children now? If they are deemed to be no suitable for mainstream education, what is the alternative? Learning in the environment of these centres is so important, the children are in small groups, and not a large classroom, where the number of children and noise may be distressing. Please sign and support.


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