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To: City of York Council

Save the Carlton Tavern Pub, Acomb

Please don't demolish the Carlton Tavern Pub, Acomb

Why is this important?

The Carlton Tavern Pub is a non-designated heritage asset of strong architectural and historic interest to the City of York. It is also a much-valued community asset in Acomb and Holgate. The Victorian Tudor-style landmark sits in landscaped grounds surrounded by mature trees, and adds greatly to the character of the area.

A purchase proposal has been put forward to refurbish the pub and provide holiday accommodation for race goers and visitors to York, as well as a community pub, restaurant and deli. The community interest company would run a training and support programme for local young people, the long-term unemployed and start-up businesses that would invest profits back into the surrounding area.

Despite all of this, the demolition of the Carlton Tavern is now proposed as part of a luxury residential care-home scheme, without proper consideration of options that would enable the building to be kept.

The City of York Council has already approved its demolition at their Planning Committee meeting in October with a finely balanced tie vote of 6-6 swung by the Committee Leader. However, scrutiny of the decision-making process from the Victorian Society and local residents has resulted in the Council going for an unprecedented re-vote on this issue.

The re-vote has been earmarked for the next Planning Committee Meeting on 13 December. This means that we have just a small window now to make sure that Councillors know how much we value the Carlton Tavern as both a historic building and as an Asset of Community Value, listed by your Committee earlier this year. City of York Councillors, please don't approve the unjustified demolition of the Carlton Tavern again!


2017-12-14 10:31:02 +0000

Great news! Thanks to all of your support, last night the City of York Planning Committee voted to REFUSE the proposals to demolish the Carlton Tavern.

The Planning Committee meeting can be viewed at the following link:

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