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To: Norfolk County Council

Save the Coasthopper Bus Service

We won!

It's been announced that bus services on the popular Coasthopper route along the North Norfolk Coast will continue to run.

We urge the County Council to work with the other bus companies - Eastern Counties, Lynx Buses, Konnect Bus and Sanders Coaches - to make sure the Coasthopper continues to run with another bus company.

Why is this important?

Coasthopper bus service has operated on the Norfolk coast for twenty one years, giving vital connections to allow people to do their shopping or go out seeing friends. The service operates all year round. It must continue to operate with a new bus company not get scrapped. The coasthopper is needed. We can't lose this wonderful reliable bus service, even if Stagecoach don't realise this service is loved and people want to continue to travel on the service!

Norfolk Green bus company operated the Coasthopper bus service from 1997. It was founded in 1990 by Tony Haynes. He was a gentleman and knew how to run an excellent bus service.

Now after the takeover, stagecoach are proposing to withdraw the Coasthopper bus service completely, as it pulls completely out of Norfolk with the closure of the former Norfolk Green depot in Kings Lynn. This is so sad as Norfolk Green was the best bus company ever. They cared about their customers and gave the best service. So now Tony Haynes' legecy is being destroyed by Stagecoach!


2018-11-21 17:11:38 +0000

Sanders think they can they can do what they like when their bus services are so crap well the fact is they can't as people will start using another bus companies services when they come in is Sanders are shit so bring other operators and Sanders can go to Hell!

2018-11-19 21:37:23 +0000

Dipstick Charles Sanders thinks he can name the Bus Stops in Holt the Pratt doesn't own them as they are owned by Norfolk County Council so this plonker doesn't have any right to do this so he can go to Hell!

2018-10-20 15:50:14 +0100

The Coasthopper should get its services extended with its predecessor the Coastliner as the 780 service was a reliable service that Eastern Counties ran from the 1970s until 1997 it was reliable and direct to Yarmouth and if this service is revived it now runs all year round not just the summer as Sanders Slow Coaches come up with a crap service that runs from Cromer to North Walsham there you change onto their bus to Yarmouth which often is late or never turns up so get rid of Sanders and get the Coastliner running to Yarmouth for the 21st century!!

2018-10-17 18:38:52 +0100

Charles Sanders of Sanders Slow Coaches has been belly aching on about Disabled and Elderly people who get free travel on buses and doesn't get enough money to run bus services and this wanker says he doesn't care about the Coast Hopper Service. Let me make the situation clear the 765 Action Committee exists to get better bus services and support passengers and good bus companies. We don't and never will support Sanders Slow Coaches we don't support parasites and do everything we can to get rid of Sanders no alternative! We have started the Tony Haynes Campaign for Better Bus Services and you can call us on the new Hotline its 07017000765 you can see what you think of Sanders and their Basil Fawlty attitude so jump on board with the 765 Action Committee and together we will send useless Sanders packing!!!!

2018-09-04 17:47:09 +0100

Sanders Abysmal attempt to run the Coasthopper is pathetic no reliable services and crap service means Sanders must go enough is enough OK!

2018-08-25 19:42:55 +0100

I spoke to Pamela Haynes Tony's widow she's given full blessing to get rid of Parasite Sanders there is no alternative as they are useless late or never turn up we don't need them we need a new Norfolk Green to kick Sanders are enough is enough so let's get it done in Tony's memory!

2018-08-24 18:33:18 +0100

I often think of Tony Haynes Norfolk Greens founder he was my friend and I miss him,so much as we know Sanders are so crap its beyond the joke being unreliable and Charles Sanders having the attitude of Basil Fawlty towards customers now we work together in Tony's memory to get rid of Sanders so the Tony Haynes Bus Hotline is 09111982763 so let's get Parasite Sanders kicked out out of Norfolk there's now no alternative!!

2018-08-14 20:36:43 +0100

The Coasthopper was run by Norfolk Green 21 years as Tony Haynes created a bus company that is now sadly missed! Sanders Slow Coaches now run the Coasthopper between Wells and Sheringham but they are hopeless and unreliable as this tragicly has become the case we are forced to start the Tony Haynes Better Bus Services Campaign as we need a new Norfolk Green style bus company to kick Sanders Are as there is no place for a parasite that buggers up 21 years of reliable service so we aim to Eliminate Sanders from these routes and do it the Tony Haynes way so we can get back some sort of service that Norfolk Green had run not Sanders utter shambles!!

2018-07-06 16:36:38 +0100

If you need to contact the 765 Action Committee then email us at [email protected] we will then reply to your email OK!

2018-06-20 16:24:56 +0100

You look at this situation now as Norfolk Green ceased to exist as we had kind friendly drivers, comfortable buses and reliable bus services! Now we are left with a pathetic shambles after 21 years as sanders are always LATE or never turn up, drivers are rude and misrable and buses are dirty falling to bits. Tony Haynes had created the greatest bus company that ever operated in East Anglia he not only ran Norfolk Green as his business he cared about passengers as Tony was my best friend I'm glad I knew him and I miss him so much I salute Mr Tony Haynes thank you for Creating Norfolk Green we all miss it that Stagecoach destroyed Tony's creation I don't ever forgive them for this as we should get a better bus company for Norfolk!!!!!

2018-06-08 13:44:56 +0100

The tragedy here is the Coasthopper has gone from being operated by Norfolk Green an excellent bus to now being operated by Sanders Coaches a useless unreliable mess as you can't rely on them as they are always late or never turn up at all as Charles Sanders is a Pratt unlike his father Norman who ran a good service as the 765 Action Committee exists to get better reliable bus services and stop useless crap bus companies like Sanders and Stagecoach from putting passengers through hell as we won't support them and do all we can to remove them from services as there's the Tony Haynes way of doing things that works that's why in his memory this fight continues!!

2018-06-06 18:02:51 +0100

So Stagecoach is no more in Norfolk as a worthless crap bus company destroyed Norfolk Green Tony Haynes creation as it makes me cry what this wonderful man did as I'm proud of the fact he was my best friend and my wonderful memories of spending time with him! God Bless you Tony thanks for creating Norfolk Green we all miss you and your now defunct bus company but the Coasthopper still runs!!

2018-05-28 15:01:09 +0100

When you loose a bus company Norfolk Green that existed 21years as Tony Haynes knew what he had created not just his business but a company that really cared about its customers! Stagecoach took over Norfolk Green making a shambles of Tony's creation then calling it the stupid abysmal name Stagecoach in Norfolk its meaningless as Norfolk Green meant something to people they loved travelling on the buses and now its no more! The service running from Kings Lynn to Wells is now operated by Lynx Buses and called the Coastliner while the section between Wells and Cromer is now operated by Sanders Coaches still called the Coasthopper but tracicly Sanders are hopeless and unreliable don't rely on them as the 765 Action Committee doesn't support sanders as we only support good reliable bus companies and they ain't one!!

2018-05-03 19:29:10 +0100

In the 1980s I lived in Blakeney and you would be on the Quay waiting for the bus and then this Eastern Counties Bristol VR decker comes round the corner as my friend Amy would say are you going to Yarmouth I'd say this and you jump on the Coastliner and down Yarmouth you went have a great time! Now its time to revive this great service and get Eastern Counties running services along the Coast running in conjunction with the Coasthopper. Sanders pathetic excuse for a service is beyond the joke go to North Walsham and you have to change to their crap service to Yarmouth so get rid of this Abysmal Disgrace of a service and bring back the 780 Coastliner run by Eastern Counties it ended in 1997 now we want it back running with the Coasthopper so let's do it and stuff Sanders!!

2018-05-02 19:39:45 +0100

Sanders are useless as bad as Stagecoach always late or never turn up as they are an Abysmal shambles so give the Coastliner back as it was let Eastern Counties run it and Sanders with their Basil Fawlty attitude is a lot to be desired. A connecting 765 service to Norwich would be great as its simply connect to the city theres no place for Sanders and it must loose its monopoly absolutely as they once had competition from Konnectbus and Norfolk Green and before that from Eastern Counties so Stop the Monopoly as Sanders are crap!!