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To: North Lincolnshire Elected Council members

Save the flixborough Pub

Save the flixborough Pub

Please don't close down the pub in Flixborough and replace it with housing. We would like it to be invested in and become an asset to the village and surrounding area again

Why is this important?

It would be a functioning pub for bringing people together and also the car park provides a central public amenity in the village which has no other a suitable parking for visitors, village hall, walkers etc. Therefore we are asking for your support in 1) saving the pub and 2) save the car park as an amenity

North Lincolnshire

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Reasons for signing

  • It’d the heart of the village .. a safety and is need for the community
  • It reminds me of the typical old english country pub, that we as the general public should pull together and save x There are not enough of these country public houses left. Why not send ltrs to local councillors,? Come on people - Unite x
  • keep it local, keep it open, keep it going.


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