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To: Enfield Council

Save The Green Dragon, Winchmore Hill

Save The Green Dragon, Winchmore Hill

Please don't allow The Green Dragon pub in Winchmore Hill to be converted into flats, retail or any other alternative use.

Why is this important?

There has been a Green Dragon pub on or near this site since 1726 and we feel very strongly that this traditional part of Winchmore Hill life should be maintained. When properly managed the pub was a vibrant centre of the community filled with laughter and conversation and we believe that with proper ownership and management it can be again. The building is an important historical landmark which identifies Winchmore Hill to those passing through, and as such prevents the area from being just another faceless section of Green Lanes. The pub has survived wars and countless other times of great difficulty and poverty over nearly 300 years, yet we are in danger of allowing it to be destroyed now just because of a few years of poor turnover and somebody's desire to make a quick profit. Please help us to save The Green Dragon and ensure its future at the heart of our community where Winchmore Hill residents can gather together to laugh, talk, eat, drink and celebrate as so many generations have before.

Winchmore Hill, London N21

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