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To: Sheffield City Council

Save the Parkwood Springs New Age Traveller Site

Please allow the travellers to remain living on the site

Why is this important?

The New Age Travellers have been occupying the site next to the Ski Village in Sheffield for approximately 13 years. This has been a home for many people of all ages, beliefs and backgrounds. The occupants have settled there and have looked after the area by cleaning it up, keeping crime down by being security for the surrounding businesses and some grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruit. They have a good relationship with people in the area and have been told by people in the area that they do not have a problem with them living there. Sheffield City Council are wanting to move the travellers as they are wanting to re open the Ski Village as a sports facility. This will make the Travellers homeless and having to find somewhere else to live. This may have an effect on the children living there because they may have to find new schools and may also effect some of the traveller's health. The travellers do not have a problem with the Ski Village reopening in fact they think it is a great idea they just do not want to be evicted because of this. Please would you sign this petition to show the travellers your support and let them keep their home.


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