To: The New Owners of Traveller's Rest

Please re-open The Traveller's Rest Pub, Newtown

Please re-open The Traveller's Rest Pub, Newtown

We ask the new owners to re-open the Traveller's Rest, Newtown as a public house.

Why is this important?

There has been a pub on this site since the early 1800 and is the last remaining pub in the village of Newtown. We have no shops, doctor or even a bus service. It was a viable business and a popular meeting place. It has been used by many, including yourselves, and its closure has been upsetting to us. You are in the entertainment industry and understand the value of social interaction, please re-open the pub so we can once again come together and enjoy the company of friends and visitors in its warm, convivial atmosphere.

How it will be delivered

In person

Newtown, Fareham

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Reasons for signing

  • Love this little pub, and its location. We would take our Motorhome and stay and long weekend and it would feel like we were miles away from Home, given us a well need break from home/work/phones... Can't wait to see this re-opened.
  • This is similar to the situation at the Woodmancote in West Sussex a few years ago. With its changes of ownership, one would turn up never knowing whether the pub would be open or closed. Now, with the willingness to spend a bit of money and show a bit of enthusiasm, the pub is a thriving concern. The same could happen at the Traveller's Rest.
  • Iv spent many a lovely evening at this pub with my family that lived at Shoothill Lodge. Sadly , my daughter died in 2012, but she loved that pub and the meals we had before, and during her chemo treatment. The Travelers Rest , being there in those lovely surroundings made us feel like a normal family again if only for a few hours. , you never know what’s round the corner, I hope it’s a place just like The Travelers Rest .


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