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To: Greene King

Save The Windmill Knox Road Norwich

Save The Windmill Knox Road Norwich

KEEP The Windmill Knox Road Norwich as a locals pub for the community.

Why is this important?

We as locals of the windmill feel very strongly about keeping our pub.
The Windmill has been on this site since the 1800s, the windmill caters for all age groups, There are 8 dart teams which plays Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday afternoon and Thursday night there is bingo which is supported well. On Wednesday and Saturday nights there is entertainment on Friday and Sunday there is Karaoke which is has a big following. Good food is served throughout the week at a reasonable price, and a great carvery on Sunday which you normally have to book to get in. Not forgetting the Real ale which are served at reasonable prices.

The locals have also over the years raised £1000's of pound for charity most recently over two night we have raised £1600 for a defibrillator.
Please lets not lose another local pub which is doing well.

The Windmill Public House, Knox Road, Norwich, NR14LQ

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