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To: The Westway Trust

Save West London Stables

Save West London Stables

Guarantee that West London Stables will continue to provide equestrian services to the local community beyond the current 6-month lease extension.
Fully and honestly support West London Stables initiatives for improving current facilities.

Why is this important?

Local community supporters are strongly united in confirming that this is the only local facility providing affordable equestrian services to the community at large, who otherwise would not be able to enjoy and participate in such activities.
West London Stables has been in operation for almost 20 years and during this time has provided affordable and subsidised riding and equine therapy for residents of inner city London, including disadvantaged children, young carers, disabled children and adults, individuals undergoing rehabilitation for addiction and other people that would not normally be able to experience the pleasure of being around horses.
Many of those riding at West London Stables can share heart-wrenching stories about how this facility has helped them in their everyday lives, some even say it has saved them – we now need to save West London Stables so that it can continue to support the community in its own unique way.
West London Stables also greatly desires to revamp its current facilities to provide an even better service offering. To do so, it needs to raise funds and its hands are somewhat tied due to the lease extension only being granted until July this year.
A 2,000 strong petition was launched last year in a bid to prevent closure sending a clear message to the Westway Trust leadership that there is both a requirement in the local community for equestrian services and that there is also support and desire for the current operator to continue to provide such services.
The Trust have still not got the message, its time for them to pay attention and give the community what it wants and more importantly, what it needs.


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