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Save William Doxford & Sons Entrance

Save William Doxford & Sons Entrance

Sign the petition for this to be taken to Sunderland City Council to save some of our local herritage.

Why is this important?

The entrance to the old Doxford Shipworks, Sunderland, UK

William Doxford founded the company in 1840. From 1870 it was based in Pallion, Sunderland, on the River Wear in Northeast England. The Company was managed by William Doxford's four sons following his death in 1882. It was acquired by Northumberland Shipbuilding Company in 1918.

It was renamed Doxford & Sunderland Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd in 1961 and Doxford & Sunderland Ltd in 1966. Court Line took it over in 1972 and renamed it Sunderland Shipbuilders Ltd.

William Doxford & Sons' shipyard, River Wear 1967


In the 1970s a new all-weather Pallion yard was built which could build two ships of up to 30,000 tons deadweight side-by-side. The steel came in at one end, and the completed ship left from the other with engines installed and sometimes with the machinery running.


Court Line collapsed in 1974 and the company was nationalised. It was privatised in 1986 when it was merged with Austin & Pickersgill to form North East Shipbuilders. However, within two years of the merger the Doxford Pallion yard was closed down.


Reasons for signing

  • I'm all for redevelopment but things like this should be preserved for future generations.
  • this is part of our heritage
  • Councils have a duty to ensure heritage is preserved for future generations to understand their history. Once it's gone it's gone and there will be regret that it wasn't saved. Largest shipbuilders in the world in the early 20th century surely something to be proud of.


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