To: Monmouth County Council - Nia Morrison (Planning section).

Saving the Abbey Hotel, Tintern, Monmouthshire.

Saving the Abbey Hotel, Tintern, Monmouthshire.

Reject planning proposal to develop the Abbey Hotel, Tintern, into housing.

Why is this important?

* Aesthetic reasons- not to cramp the historic site of the Abbey itself.
* Historic reasons - there has always been an hotel there for centuries.
* Archaeological - the hotel is in the grounds of the historic Abbey complex.
* Social and Economic - UK tourism began in this area and it continues to attract tourists from all over the world. The first part of Tintern they see is the Abbey and the hotel.

Tintern Abbey Hotel, Tintern, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • modern housing - opposite Tintern Abbey? Are you kidding!
  • The view of, and from, beautiful Tintern Abbey would be spoiled by housing unless the building and materials were sympathetic to the surroundings. Such a pity if we lose the hotel though.
  • Have always wanted to stay at the Abbey, now it looks like we never will. Why not put it up for sale? Maybe a Premier Hotel!