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To: Elizabeth Truss


I would like you to take on board the opinions of childcare professionals and parents re the implementation of Childcare Agencies. At no point has there been any public discussion concerning your plans. I feel it is unbelievable that you can just steamroller your way, making changes that it appears nobody wants. I would like the public to make the decision, and have some transparency as to why these changes are being pushed through without any public consultation?

Why is this important?

You are not seemingly acting in the best interest of children in childcare if you bulldoze your ideas through without any thought of the impact on small business and the children they care for. You wonder why there is a downfall in people wanting to become childminders? Well is it any surprise when you are going out of your way to try to put them out of business and make life so difficult with paperwork? Perhaps you should be looking at the real reasons there will be a shortfall in childcare professionals!


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