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To: Subcontractors & Small Businesses in Construction.

Say NO to CITB deductions for subcontractors.

Say NO to CITB deductions for subcontractors.

CITB deductions made to subcontractors, sole traders and limited companies earnings is unlawful and bad practise.

We seek to raise awareness across The Construction Industry that this will no longer be accepted or tolerated.

We petition to stamp out the flagrant abuse of the lack of knowledge surrounding the mysterious CITB levy within The Construction Industry.

We petition to bring fairer, more transparent treatment of subcontractors by campaigning to stop this illegal, immoral and wholly unwarranted deduction as a matter of urgency.

Together with the introduction of the FATE Fair Play Employer's Charter we look to empower the subcontractors and small businesses with knowledge, a better working platform and a brighter future.

Join in the campaign and support our petition.

The petition made for you and I.

Your friends and colleagues, your workmates. Your children.

Together we can make a stand and together we can build a better future.

FATE-One Voice

Why is this important?

It's important because deducting the levy represents ill treatment of the smaller guys within construction: The subbies, one man bands and smaller businesses.

It's time to put a stop to this and to take a stand against the illegal and immoral deduction.



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