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To: Residents of Croydon

Say NO to CROYDON monster BINS

Now we are very much in favour of recycling and monster bins are great for those who produce lots of recyclables - these bins can hold 480 ltres! However many of us produce considerably less - and hardly enough to fill our existing boxes of 140 litres. So all we want is for Croydon to recognise that many of us don't have the space to accommodate these monster bins, that our current 140 litre boxes are more than sufficient for our recycling and that monster bins are going to make no difference to how much we recycle. We want to continue using our 140 litre recycling boxes!!!

Why is this important?

For those of us who have little space to spare, for one or two person households, for the elderly, for those who live in terraced houses with little frontage, for those whose lifestyles don't produce large amounts of will be made a lot easier if we can continue to use our existing smaller recycling boxes.

London Borough of Croydon

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Reasons for signing

  • A single person household. The new bins are totally OTT.
  • I'm happy with the current collection system and agree that streets full of ugly plastic bins are not the way forwards. Perhaps introducing higher business rates and penalties for supermarkets and shops that refuse to take steps to reduce the amount of plastic packaging on their shelves.
  • I live up 30 steps and it is not practical. I cant keep them outside garage. 10 years ago the Council advised our property was not suitable for any wheelie bins!!!


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