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To: Wirral Council Planning Department

Say NO to the Fire Station in Saughall Massie Petition opposing Planning Application 17/00306

Say NO to the Fire Station in Saughall Massie Petition opposing Planning Application 17/00306

On the 15th December Wirral's Planning Committee refused the planning application made by Merseyside Fire Authority to build a fire station on green belt land in Saughall Massie.

At a Fire Authority meeting this afternoon residents who opposed the original planning application were disgracefully referred to by a Labour Councillor as being 'Snobs' and only being worried about their house values.

After finishing insulting people, the Fire Authority agreed to submit another planning application to Wirral Council and also to consider submitting an appeal against the first refusal to the Planning Inspectorate and our prepared to spend up to a further £106,000 to achieve approval

Over 3,600 people opposed the first application and if we are to be successful in stopping this application its important that you sign this petition.

Why is this important?

We need to protect our green belt against this unwarranted and unnecessary development, as well as protecting the amenity of residents who live close by, particularly those elderly and infirm residents who live in the sheltered accommodation in Woodpecker Close and Saughall Massie Road.

If this development is allowed it will set a precedent that says building on the green belt in Wirral is ok. We must not allow that to happen

How it will be delivered

By Hand to Wirral's Planners


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Reasons for signing

  • Building on Green Belt Land should be ABSOLUTELY prohibited - for ANY purpose whatsoever - this particular planning application is outrageous AND the development is unnecessary. The proposed new fire station is only ONE MILE from the Upton Fire Station. Planning permission has already been refused and the Fire Authority have wasted further public money pursuing this with minor 'tweaks' to their first attempt at riding roughshod over the wishes of the people who pay their wages.
  • Once a precedent is set selling off the green belt will become the norm then the Wirral will be totally urbanised in a matter of a few short years. Not against a fire station of course but there are other local sites available but the council would not be making any money on those!
  • I think it is wrong to use green belt to develop on. Once the council allow development on their green belt sites it will be virtually impossible to deny private owners doing the same and in the end the green belt will become the brick red belt. Also, if, as it seems inevitable that the council do use green belt for this development, why is it not part of the green belt nearest West Kirby. Surely it makes sense to have the West Kirby Fire Station in West Kirby.


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