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To: Kevin Stewart - Scottish Government Housing Minister

Scotland needs proper rent controls

Scotland needs proper rent controls

Bring in strong, nationwide rent controls to protect renters from sky-high rents and slum-like conditions.

Why is this important?

Renters in Scotland are suffering. Across the country, sky-high rents are forcing people into poverty and far too many tenants are living in slum-like conditions. We used to have rent controls to protect people from exactly this situation - until Thatcher scrapped them in the 80s - and now it’s time to bring them back.

In 2016, the Scottish Government brought in so-called “Rent Pressure Zones” to try to tackle high rents, but these have failed. No council has been able to use them, and the evidence suggests it wouldn’t help even if they did. Now we need to bring in proper, nationwide rent controls.

You can read more about the campaign and what rent controls would mean here:


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Reasons for signing

  • I’m homeless and I used to work within homelessness. Due to the current climate Rents should be reduced and not raised, housing benefit should be given straight to the landlord to avoid any hassle, housing officers should attend homeless case work team meetings so all work together.
  • It’s getting out of hand now private rentals are shocking surely the government needs to step in ive been homeless and it is not good at all.
  • rent control is a measure of civil prudence


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