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  • Save the bees
    To stop them destroying bees that are being imported to restock UK hives. Under the new rules, post Brexit, you cannot import bees from the EU,and the government have said that bees being imported to a Kent bee keeper will be destroyed (15 million baby bees in this case). This cannot happen!
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    Created by Elizabeth Marlow
  • Plant Flowers for bees
    Dear all local councils I would like all local councils to stop planting what I can only describe as 'municipal planting' of bushes - that although lovely - don't help our best pollinators. You always plant non-flowering bushes, that only really attract rubbish. We need our councils to use these places as a flower beds for our bees, where they can stop before getting to our gardens.
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    Created by Fiona Woodall
  • Save our Bees
    Please preserve local natural habitats for bees and prevent the cutting down of local forests.
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    Created by christianne straker
  • Save Southampton's Bees!
    Ban the use of glyphosate (a toxic weedkiller) in Southampton city parks and premises.
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    Created by Elaine Hunter
  • Bees need protection!
    Dear Mr Eustice, it has recently come to my attention that our pollinating bees in the UK are NOT a protected species. I find this utterly unbelievable and something needs to change. The plight of our bees has recently been in the spotlight with lots of our celebrities bringing attention to the importance of protecting and encouraging them into our gardens. But why are we not doing more? Why is it that such an important factor to the survival of mankind is being left to chance? I cannot understand why a colony of bats can be left untouched due to the protection they have, yet a colony of bees that someone may feel is a nuisance, can be destroyed with no penalty. Surely this cannot be right. With the growing need for more food globally and the decline of our bees, action must be taken to protect them, and us!
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    Created by Ashley Fett
  • Stop Starving our Bees
    Stop starving our bees through the unnecessary cutting of grass verges
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    Created by Angie Morgan
  • Save the bees = saving the environment
    Ban All Five Pesticides Linked To Bee Deaths! Pesticides: clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam, thiacloprid and acetamiprid in all farming activities, including greenhouses.
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    Created by Mia Depper
  • Increase the Bee population - Grants for beekeepers
    We want the Government to provide grants for beekeepers and provide financial support or tax breaks in order to encourage growth of the UK Bee population.
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    Created by Carmen Kerschbaumer
  • For a bee hive in Cherry Tree Woods
    Pay for a well maintained bee hive in Cherry Tree Woods
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    Created by George Lazou
  • Stop the use of bee killing pesticides
    Please do not go ahead with using the pesticide that contains thiamethoxam which kills our bees.
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    Created by Helen Fitzpatrick
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