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  • Public inquiry into handling of the Trump Resort
    We are calling on the Scottish Parliament, through the Public Petitions Committee, to urge the Scottish Government to hold a public inquiry into the way local government, Scottish Ministers and other relevant public bodies conducted themselves throughout their dealings with the Trump Organisation in relation to the Menie project.
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    Created by David Milne
  • Sack David Cameron
    Call a vote of no confidence on David Cameron`s seat as Prime Minister.
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    Created by Colin Hammill
  • David Holland Way
    David Holland was a Scarborough Football Club fan first before a Chairman. He loved Scarborough Athletic and did everything he could to get the club back home to the Borough. He never got to see his hard work had achieved and he sadly passed away before the new stadium was finished. I want to get the road going under the railway bridge just of Seamer Road (think it was called The Gas works) renamed to ‘David Holland Way.’ I’ve been in touch with the council to get this renamed, but Scarborough Council have declined my emotional attempts. Now I ask you the people to try and help us to get this across the line. David Holland had said that when he was younger, to get to the old ground. He use to cut across the donkey field where the new stadium is and he would of made his way up that path on a Saturday, to watch his beloved Scarborough FC.
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    Created by Ant Taylor
  • David Miliband for Labour Leader
    Nominate David Miliband as the candidate in the forthcoming Batley and Spen by-election
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    Created by Roy Parkes
  • Sir David Attenborough Statue
    To make and erect a statue of Sir David Attenborough on the spare plinth of Trafalgar Square.
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    Created by James Davis
    Give all the leaders their own programme if David Cameron is getting one.
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    Created by Sandra Psynter
  • call on david cameron to resign
    Call on David Cameron to resign
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    Created by Raymond Beale
  • A London Requiem for David Bowie
    David Bowie, musician, trendsetter, actor, cultural touchstone, all round icon and good bloke for many decades died on Monday 11 January. We the citizens of the UK feel that this man was more loved and has more relevance to us than any head of state or monarch and that, as such, he should be remembered with a final send off commemorating his life as a Londoner and one of the UK's finest artists. We demand an outdoor requiem in memory to the Starman in the sky with the soundtrack of his life as hymns that the public can all sing along to.
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    Created by Damien Conrad
  • Lord David Freud should resign
    Your recent comments at the Conservative Party Conference, that disabled people are 'not worth' the minimum wage, are anathema to a civilised society. Not only are they unfair, but bigotted and offensive. You should resign as someone with your views is not fit to hold public office.
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    Created by Kim Moore
  • David Cameron - Introduce Firework Laws
    Following the outcome of the court case after the M5 Incident on 4th November 2011 when 7 people died and numerous others sustained injuries, some of which are life changing, it is time to change the legislation to ensure the safety of spectators and other members of the public not involved in the event. Therefore we are asking that the following points are noted and the laws changed accordingly. That all Public and Private Firework Displays are Licensed, and the Licensing Authority carries out regular, stringent checks on all companies in their area supplying Public and Private Firework Displays. That all Companies providing Public and Private Firework Displays are Suitably Licensed and Insured. That all Public and Private Firework Displays are authorised and registered with the Local Council and Emergency Services. That the Company providing the Firework Display are accountable for all public and spectators in the vicinity of the Display. That the distance from all roads, motorways and major routes be clearly defined. A minimum of 8000 metres. There must be a minimum of 3 operatives, with at least one operative having a proven track record of no less than 6 years. Solo operatives MUST NOT be allowed. That all Firework Operatives have certified explosives training delivered by a recognised training organisation. The training must include planning and organising methodologies, as well as firework layout and firing methodologies, scientific methodologies (ie the composition of substances that are used to make the explosive and detonation), and meteorological methodologies (ie the reaction of firework smoke with fog/mist ). Training must be renewed on a bi-annual basis with regular 6 monthly/annual updates from the training organisation. That all the above points are implemented at the earliest opportunity to avoid any such incident as that on the M5 on 4th November 2011 ever occurring again.
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    Created by Elaine Adams and Tonia White
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