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To: George Eustice, Secretary of State for the Environment

Keep the EU laws that protect our environment

Ensure that current legislation, based on the EU environmental directives, is secured in the fallout of the UK's referendum decision to leave the EU and Article 50 notification.

Why is this important?

The bedrock of our wildlife and environmental protections, which have massively improved air and water have come from our relationship with countries across Europe, predominantly based on EU legislation. We need to make sure that these gains are protected into the future, rather than becoming, once again, the Dirty Man of Europe. Ensure that our legislation is kept strong, protecting our environment into the future.

We have stopped exporting acid rain across Europe, we are doing good work on Climate Change, our wildlife, which is still in serious trouble, is improving because of our work with other EU member states.




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2020-02-14 14:01:17 +0000

So you haven't heard from me for a while. But now we have done the Brexit thing and in build up the Government have proposed the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries Bills, which are going through Parliament. Now we need to put pressure on them to retain the protections that we had through being in the EU. Our new Defra Secretary of State, George Eustice, is from a farming background and has described the Habitats and Birds Directives as "spirit-crushing red tape". Please can you share this more widely to let him know that we don't agree?

2016-08-02 09:44:39 +0100

Mark Reed writes in the Guardian about the role of the EU LIFE and Horizon 2020 programmes, much of which is focussed on creatively managing sites and species protected by these EU Directives and the UK laws associated with them.
(For those of you not familiar with the LIFE programme, it's brilliant. Some of the best conservation across the whole of the EU is funded by it. You can follow LIFE on Facebook, there's some very inspiring work going on.)

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