To: UK government

Sentence Acid Attackers to Life imprisonment

Sentence Acid Attackers to Life imprisonment

Impose a life sentence on those that attack others with acid.

Why is this important?

Recently an attack took place where a 21 year old woman Resham, along with her cousin suffered severe burns due to an acid attack. Acid burns can severe the skin to excrutiating conditions, which has evidently destroyed the lives of the two victims. It is important that the judiciary system in the UK makes an example of the individual responsible for the acid attack, in order to deter anybody else from ever comitting such a henious crime.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • The wording should be make it a mandatory life sentencing rule for perpetrators of acid attacks because as I understand it he Judges already have the power to hand down a life sentence for this disgusting cowardly crime.
  • This crime is evil and in my opinion warrants a death penalty, but since this is not an option, a full life term should be a mandatory punishment for people committing acid attacks.
  • Anyone who disfigures another human being for the sake of it should be sentenced to life in prison. Every day the victim has to wake up and be reminded constantly of what happened to them and it is 100% unfair and there is no reason for it to happen. Lock the perpetrators up for good and ban the sale of corrosive substances.


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