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To: Crown Prosecution Service Director of Public Prosecutions, UK

Should ATOS be charged with "Manslaughter" for all the victims that have died

Should ATOS be charged with "Manslaughter" for all the victims that have died

I would like ATOS be brought to task and a full investigation started regarding all the deaths of the poor victims that have been linked to the wrongful assessments being made by ATOS. All within the discretion and consent of the victim's families. And If found guilty, they should be charged with manslaughter. Or Corporate manslaughter.

Why is this important?

This is important as so many vulnerable people have died after being wrongly assessed and being made fit for work when clearly they have not been fit enough. There has been a count of 10,600 deaths between Jan-Nov 2011 some of which were suicides.

How many deaths does it take for the government and ATOS to recognise the connection? Since this last count the DWP refused to release the figures that were collected calling the FOI requests "vexatious". Therefore how many more have died since?

There are thousands who believe, assessments that have been undertaken were incorrect and there are thousands of witnesses to this fact, which has caused more stress and poverty as more and more people are waiting for money that has been stopped whilst waiting for their appeals to be processed correctly.

Due to the negligence of this company ATOS have to be found accountable. Not only for the loved ones of the people who have died, but also for those who may have died without a family and is important that even though they have gone from this planet, they have somebody fighting for them to correct a system that clearly does not work so they did not die in vain.

Reasons for signing

  • because atos have blood on there hands, get rid of these killers how many more sick people have to die because of these lying so called nurses,how many i wonder god onley knows?
  • The fact the DWP says the FOI being vexatious speaks volumes!
  • they have put my life and well being at risk so many times, and under alot of stress as well


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