To: Apple and other android phones

Shut down Sarahah app

Shut down Sarahah app

Remove the Sarahah app permanently off all app stores

Why is this important?

This app provides people to send anonymous messages to people. This is an open door for cyberbullying.
we actively seek to stamp out bullying then seem content to let a vehicle where it is rife to exist. Kids are subject to peer pressure to have it as it's the latest thing and then these people are totally unaccountable for their actions. It's not right in a civilised society in my opinion.
This app is dangerous especially for people with mental health issues.

Reasons for signing

  • I have found that there are apps like , which can hack it and reveal the usernames and identities! Think before using this app!
  • There's already too much anonymity online. Sounds like bad news!
  • #1 app for cyber bullying! I have no idea why this has not been shut down sooner


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