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To: The Department of Work and Pensions

Social Security Magna Carta

Social Security Magna Carta

End the current practice of illegally removing benefits from sick and disabled people.

Why is this important?

The ancient legal principle that the Government is not above the law is being flouted by the DWP's implementation of benefits sanctions. David had his benefits repeatedly sanctioned by Jobcentre Plus officials. This resulted in him being unable to control his diabetes because he had no money for food. This caused diabetic ulcers. These became infected and he had to have a leg amputated. All these sanctions were eventually overturned, but it was too late.

Other cases of illegal benefits sanctions we are fighting include claimants with learning disabilities, mental health problems and physical impairments having their benefits stopped for being unable to get to totally unsuitable appointments. The imposition of unachievable requirements by the DWP, and then the removal of benefits for being unable to meet such requirements, breaches the Equality Act and a set of legal principles governing the way public bodies should behave called Public Law.

We support over 500 people to get benefits reinstated each year. Last year we recovered £507,393 for claimants.

Help fight back against the destruction of the social security system fought for by our ancestors.

We are also interested in launching a class action class action so if you have been affected by illegal benefit sanctions, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Reasons for signing

  • Because the torys are theiving scum bags
  • He, who does not challenge evil, is in fact co-operating with it. She whom is without empathy is without compassion. A measure of how society treats it's most weak and vulnerable, defines its moral agenda. Unite against a draconian ruling class, stop suffering, save lives, and together may we advance humanity.
  • I signed because our government don't have hearts they have a swinging brick.


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