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Speak up like Michelle Thomson MP

Speak up like Michelle Thomson MP

Parliamentarians through the world should speak up more frequently about violence against women, and seek to legislate where they can to protect women from exploitation and violence.

Why is this important?

I was fortunate as an MP to be sitting near Michelle Thomson MP in the House of Commons, Westminster, London in December 2016 when she spoke of having been raped as a teenager. Her act of speaking up has already had a profound impact. I acknowledge other parliamentarians have also spoken up, but more could do so. Parliamentarians, whether male or female, and regardless of whether they have suffered from violence, should do more to speak up and legislate where appropriate. This petition is a small contribution to allow people to acknowledge the need to support parliamentarians willing to accept their responsibility to do more.


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I'm a victim of abuse and stalking and however hard it is you have to speak up. I reported abuse by my Heath board as a child in their care. Nothing can be done as no one will speak up and all my notes are lost. But you have to try.
  • This is a basic human right we're talking about here. All parties need to do more to address this and keep it as a priority.
  • Violence towards any person, at any time, is wrong.


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