To: Falkirk Council

Traffic calming for Westquarter Avenue /Wellbank

Traffic calming for Westquarter Avenue /Wellbank

We residents are asking for traffic calming measures to be placed down the hill at Westquarter Avenue and past Wellbank to deal with the issue of speeding drivers.

Why is this important?

Road users are increasingly frightening us residents with the speed at which they come up and down the hill and past Wellbank. Our children play on the grassy areas. Our fear is that someone is going to be struck and killed. At the speed traffic passes here if they struck a child they would die instantly.

Westquarter Avenue, Westquarter

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Reasons for signing

  • Some drivers are idiots, if they cant use there heads and slow down then they need to be forced too before someone loses a loved one
  • i have 2 kids and stay straight across from the school and people go far to fast
  • Use the road often and think speed bumps would make it so much safer


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