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Speed Humps and Working Speed Cameras

Speed Humps and Working Speed Cameras

To reduce accidents along the busy main road. On an evening it becomes a race track. Several incidents have happened in which parked cars have been written off and severley damaged by drunk drivers and general people speeding along Rising Brook Stafford ST17 9DH. I myself have had 1 car written off by a drunk driver who was prosecuted and a 2nd car severley damaged in a hit and run.

Why is this important?

This is a family built up area. With a school situated along the road. Lots of local shops children and elderly live along here. Home owners are to scared to park outside their homes and are forced to park on the local pub situated down the road. I myself have a young baby and this is unfair I have to lug all the bags and carry my child down the street because of careless people




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