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To: Aberdeen City Council

Statue in memory off the Aberdeen Trawling Fleet & the men who sailed in them.

18/08/17 - We won!

Hi Everybody,

Thank you all for your support ... it made a big difference'

Aberdeen City Council are now going to erect a Statue in the Shiprow, Aberdeen Harbour in memory of the generations of Trawlermen and Fish Quines who worked in the trawling industry ... Sadly all gone now ....

I shall now close the petition ... thanks a million


Erection of a statue , preferably in the harbour area in memory of the many trawlers and the men who for generations crewed this vibrant fleet. They fueled the economy of the Port of Aberdeen which help sustain the coffers of the city.

Why is this important?

As the once vibrant fleet has now long gone it's about time something was done to remember them. Many ship's and men were lost, far too many. For every one man at sea they created jobs for seven ashore. Certainly a big and vital boost to the local economy. Other Ports around the country have erected Statues, Plaques and preserved ships in memory of there fishermen... surely Aberdeen can do the same ? You at least owe to past and future generations......

Aberdeen, Scotland

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