To: Bedford Borough Council

Stop a Betting Shop on Church Lane, Bedford

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Stop a Betting Shop on Church Lane, Bedford

Reject any application to license a betting shop on Church Lane, Bedford

Why is this important?

A large betting company is in the process of arranging a lease on a unit on Church Lane adjacent to the Iceland store.

Research has shown that betting companies are targeting some of the poorest in our communities, particularly through the use of fixed odds betting terminals, which this shop would be allowed to include if licensed. Fixed odds terminals have been called the 'crack cocaine' of gambling.

The shop will be in one of the most deprived areas of Bedford, that is also in the bottom 20% of the country. It has above average unemployment and high levels of child poverty. The shop would be located next to a medical centre, a community centre, a primary school and housing for the recently homeless.

Church Lane has historically suffered from problems with anti-social behaviour, police and councils have seen increased problems where betting shops, in particular where fixed odd terminals are installed. Local businesses are already concerned and any increase in problems could threaten existing shops as well as causing distress to residents.

We the undersigned call on the licensing committee of Bedford Borough Council to reject any application for a betting shop in Church Lane.

Bedford MK41

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Reasons for signing

  • There are more than enough betting shops. We don't need anymore
  • Over the years I have experienced the unwelcome behaviour of children asking for cigarettes. This , canopied , shopping area can be a gathering-place for groups sheltering from bad weather and causing unruly behaviour.
  • A betting shop would target the most vulnerable, it will also increase other activities which would not be good for the area. An it won't be a great look especially with the primary school opposite.


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