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To: Sajid Javid, Home Secretary

Stop abusing the national security clause to deport highly skilled migrants

Stop abusing clause 322 (5) to deport highly skilled migrants. The clause is designed to combat terrorism and should only be used in cases where an individual poses a genuine threat to national security.

Why is this important?

The Home Office is abusing a clause designed to protect us from terrorism to deport doctors, engineers, lawyers and other highly skilled migrants because of common, everyday tax errors. It’s destroying lives of families who have come here legally and worked hard for years paying taxes and contributing to our society.

Nisha Mohite, a pharmaceutical specialist working to develop anti-cancer drugs has lost her job, her home and her savings after the Home Office used an anti-terrorism clause to try and deport her because of an error her accountant made. HRMC was happy with her prompt repayment and took no action, yet now she faces a being marked a “terrorist” and deported.

Father of two Owais Raja, was woking as a college lecturer before he lost everything when his accountant made an error in his tax returns. His accountant is now in prison after being convicted for fraud but Owais has been left unable to pay for his wife’s medical care and his family of four are facing deportation from the country they call home.

Nisha and Owais are not alone, over 1000 highly skilled migrants have been affected by the Home Office’s cruel use of the clause. Together we are demanding the Home Office uses the clause for what it was designed to do, protect us from terrorists, not deport our doctors, teachers, scientists and lawyers.


Reasons for signing

  • Some actions performed in my name as a British citizen make me deeply ashamed to be British. Let us act with decency and integrity! PS HMRC makes mistakes all the time and nothing happens to THEM!!!
  • Awful, hateful, policy created by the PM herself.
  • This Injustice by Home Office has to stop


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