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To: Jeremy Hunt Health Minister & CCG's across the country

Stop Bounty on the maternity wards

Stop Bounty having free access to our maternity wards. Stop them being able to intrude on the private space of vulnerable women and babies. Stop the government paying Bounty to disperse child benefit forms and then having free access to confidential information.

Why is this important?

Bounty are a commercial organisation and have for too long been allowed free access on to the wards of maternity hospitals. They are allowed to walk on to the wards even during times when the patients familys and friends can't even be there. They are allowed to open curtains on wards and go into bedrooms regardless of how vulnerable these women and babies are. It's an imposition on women and babies on the wards and it's appalling that it has been just accepted as standard.

No one should have this kind of access that isn't there on a medical basis. Please share your stories if you wish. Let's see just what a negative impact this is on pregnant and postnatal mothers and how much of an imposition this is on women and their birthing experience. Thank you




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2016-10-10 00:09:25 +0100

Hi and thank you to everyone who had signed and to those of you that have left your reasons for signing. At the moment I am gathering all your opinions together to write a document to send to each of the hospitals. Please keep sharing the petition and sharing with us your experiences. I have read them all and deeply saddened, angry and frustrated at the situations many of you have had to endure at such a crucial time in your babies lives. I will try to update when I can. Please bare with me. I'm feeding baby number 4 24-7 whilst also seeing to the usual demands of a mum. Thank you again for all of your responses. Fingers crossed we can make this change together.

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