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Stop Brexit

Stop Brexit

Stop Brexit!

Why is this important?

I implore you to end Brexit. Understanding how beneficial joining the European Union has been to both our nation and the European bloc, leaving the EU has become a game of Russian Roulette and I fear we’re nearly out of empty chambers in the gun. A winner of the Nobel peace prize, the EU has given us many benefits; Peace, the single market, foreign aid, improved air and water quality, democracy & human rights. All of which are in jeopardy as we approach the cliff edge.
So where are we now? A referendum was called, and I put it to you that now is not the time to leap into the unknown with simply dreams to fuel us. After years of failed austerity policies, the UK’s most vulnerable have already been brought to their knees: the homeless are freezing to death sleeping on the streets, many of which suffer from mental illness: too many face a huge struggle to survive on Universal credits (some of which are now dying) should they receive any benefit after being interrogated by Atos; thousands have died after being declared fit for work and suicide appears all too often to be the only option. Specifically denounced by the UN, the government ignore it and seek to remove more human rights: we now have the abomination of Foodbanks which is a path any first world nation should never have to venture upon, yet they are now the norm and used by working families; Education budgets are being cut and our children’s development is therefore stifled. Children are developing rickets, a disease that was believed to have been eradicated years ago. The future of following generations in insecure. Wages have been stagnant for years, zero hours contracts increase as worker’s rights are diminished, yet the cost of living rises. Police numbers have been reduced while extremism has risen. Many of these scenarios are Reminiscent of the 1930’s, a pattern we need to avoid repeating. The cycle of cause and effect continues to go unchallenged. The national debt has risen from £850 billion in 2010 to £1.5 trillion today. Where we used to lead the way forward we are now leaderless. Strong and stable we are not and yet now we choose to leave our biggest trading partner at a cost of £40 billion which we as a country can ill afford. This ship needs to be strong if it is to not sink.
A foolish, idea where we look ridiculous to the rest of the world, without a plan for departure and without impact studies on every industry. Most people cannot appreciate that trade deals take several years to complete. Brexit is dangerously right wing! The British press has been overtaken with neo fascist propaganda and fake news. Nowhere can a citizen buy a paper that presents a well-balanced argument allowing the public to make an informed decision.
We must share this planet and survival depends upon collaboration, not death and division.


Reasons for signing

  • Brexit is a rich-man's coup, intended to benefit the criminal business class in the UK. It is the final act in the destruction of the chance of a normal and happy life for ordinary people, which has been going on since 1979.
  • Brexit is stupid
  • Brexit has not one single benefit to the UK. Not one.


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