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To: Mayor George Ferguson and the Bristol City Council

Stop Bristol City Council auctioning off our Council Homes

Stop Bristol City Council auctioning off our Council Homes

1) Stop the planned auction of council houses by Hollis Morgan on the 20th of April.
2) Refurbish the homes and allow new social housing tenants to live in them
3) Halt any further auctioning of council homes in the future, and further consult the people of Bristol on how the council uses these and any of their shared collective assets.
4) Build more Council Homes in the city centre

Why is this important?

ACORN the Community union is launching this petition to protect Bristols council homes.

Council Housing is an essential community asset, that gives less fortunate people a secure home at an actually affordable price.

The Mayor claims it will cost too much to refurbish these homes, but any cost would surely be recuperated within a few years of collecting rent on them; and this argument ignores the social cost of selling off another one of our cherished community assets.

Earlier this week Labour's Mayoral candidate Marvin Rees did a public service by drawing attention to the planned mass auction of Council Homes by Bristol City Council and the Mayor this coming April the 20th and calling for its halt.

Many Greens and progressively minded people from across the political spectrum support this call.

Some of our councillor's have objected to the auction of homes when they are in their wards, but as in many things their objections mean nothing when the Mayor is committed to it. That's why we need people power to stop this now before its too late.

Please sign and share this petition far and wide and put a stop to Bristol City Council's flogging of yet more of our collective assets.

Full list of the homes up for sale available here:

[picture taken from Bristol 24/7 article originally from Hollis Morgan of some of the homes going under the hammer.]


Reasons for signing

  • This is morally wrong
  • Homes for all not parasites
  • ...too costly for the council to renovate but a nice little earner for can that be ?


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