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To: British government

Stop British citizens joining Israeli military

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Paul Kelemen
Stop British citizens joining Israeli military

With a UN appointed international commission of inquiry examining possible human rights violations and war crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip, during Operation Protective Edge, we call upon the British government to hold to account all British citizens who have served in the Israeli military during this operation

Why is this important?

It is hypocritical and likely to be detrimental to community relations in the UK for the British government to be taking action against British Muslims who are fighting abroad while tolerating British Zionists participating in a military action that is being investigated for war crimes.


Reasons for signing

  • To make people think about the 'double speak' -
  • If Britons want to join the armed fors of another country they should change their nationality!
  • War is not the answer. If we think it is wrong for our citizens to go abroad to fight we should be consistent in this.


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