To: NHS Wales

Stop charging Doctors and Nurses to park at their place of work.

Stop charging Doctors and Nurses to park at their place of work.

Give doctors and nurses free parking at hospitals, where they do essential work.

Why is this important?

Most hospitals in Wales allow free parking for doctors, nurses, patients and visitors, whereas University Hospital Wales charge all of the above for using their car parks. It is very wrong that essential workers, such as doctors and nurses, are being charged for parking at their place of work, and the practise should be stopped immediately.
After a recent unsuccessful challenge in court, these workers now face massive bills, which will cause severe hardship to most of those affected.
This must stop NOW!!


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Reasons for signing

  • Because it's the right thing to do
  • This hospital should fall online with the majority of Welsh Hospitals and abolish parking fees. Especially for staff!!!
  • They above all others should be given priority to parking as many wirk above and beyond the call of duty, in heart breaking conditions andoften for twelve or more hours per shift - starting and leaving work in the dark. They deserve to be parked close to work and for free.


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There is a parallel petition running that is geared at the car park operators, Indigo.
Please show your support by signing and sharing that one as well.
The link is

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