To: Websites like viagogo

Stop extortionate gig resale sites

Stop extortionate gig resale sites

Stop the sale of tickets with five times the face value and ripping off people who want to go and support their favourite artists.

Why is this important?

People are being ripped off massively by these websites. This is just one example; Today Liam Gallagher released pre-sale tickets at £40 to anyone who bought his album on pre-order they received a code to use to get the tickets. O2 priority also released pre-sale tickets today at the same price, both sold out very quickly. How can viagogo which is a resale site already have so many resale tickets available at £168 each, they currently hold over 700 tickets that people bought on pre-sale and now don't want?? Either viagogo have a load of Liam's new album on the way or there is something untoward going on. All this before the actual tickets go on sale on Friday.

This is happening with all events now and something needs to be done soon to stop this.


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