To: UK Government

Stop Extradition of an Innocent

Stop Extradition of an Innocent

UK Government need to revisit Extradition Law, where innocents are being detained for months and years in jail without Bail, without their side of the story being heard even once. It takes months and years for defendants turn to come and speak and even than it's not fairly justified as USA is NOT bound to provide proof to extradite a UK Citizen. It takes away UK Citizen Human Rights and takes away their right to Bail as well.

Why is this important?

UK Government are giving special treatment to USA when it comes to extraditing UK Citizens. Apparently USA aren't even bound to provide proof to extradite a person. They can provide a summary of the offence and will not be asked to prove it by the Magistrate Court Judge. Bail reforms Act is not even part of Extradition Law, which take away UK Citizen right to get a bail. it makes it next to impossible for a person to come out on bail and gather evidence to fight the case for himself. Please help us stop the extraditions to USA where we know a non USA citizen will NOT be given a fair trial, and they will stay in prison even when they have not done the crime.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I know that Malik Mohsan Abdullah is innocent and is being detained in UK for a crime he did not commit. He is being refused bail numerous times, because USA seems to have a upper hand in all this. So far USA have not presented any solid proof, but still Judge is giving priority to their allegations. Malik Mohsan side of the story has not been heard, not even once.