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To: Sir james munby

stop forced adoption now

stop local authorities using crystal balls to forecast future harm of children in the uk

Why is this important?

too many children are being removed from loving families, more often than not by force; the end result is predictable, their voices are not heard; if you were to really ask children without using local authority employees; or representatives of, ie; cafcass, nyas, childrens services, you would get the same answer, why am i not allowed to go back home to my normal mum and dad; why are they with strangers, foster carers etc? little do they understand the fragility of their future; no-one has really told them, let alone talk to them, and ask them what they want. forced adoption, and the practise of it is draconian; the same with foster care; that too is enforced on the children that no-one wants to adopt. send them back home, stop wasting tax payers money on the excuse of possible future harm, it would cost far less financially and is in the interest of the child, if families need help; give them it, do not split them up ; and tear them apart because it is easier to do so!! spend the taxpayers money being used to keep them in care, away from their families differently, use it to enable parents to be better parents; so that their children can stay at home; with them


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